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 - Superbowl Party

Hostel Health Tip
Photos and Video are the best ways to engage via social media

Typically they generate 53% more likes on Facebook than text posts, and engagement is 37% higher

Instagram has 300 million active users

That's more than 75 million users per day

Hashtags are one of the best marketing tools now to measure campaigns - #usethem

350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day

They say its users have uploaded more than 250 billion photos

Photos speak a thousand words - but try to use captions to engage people - and # too!
Make them Pinterest friendly!
Belushi's at St Christopher's Inn, Barcelona

Our brief was:
- Try to capture the essence of 'Belushi's' parties - Show how much fun they are
- Get a mixture of our demographic - it's not just guests that use our bar
- Show that we're not just a hostel - but show the 'Belushi's Experience'
- Showcase our great staff and communal areas

Why Use Hostel Doctor Photography Services?

Why Professional Photography is Important
Photos of your hostel will be available everywhere on the internet, whether you put them there or not. You will be in other people's facebook pages, Pinterest, Instagram, Flicker, Google Plus, Blog posts and everything in between. With so many pictures out of your control, it is good to have some that are. So since you have the opportunity - why not show your hostel in the best possible light? We can make the photos of your hostel that you want to share, whether it's interior shots and bedrooms, or parties and events.
Share Your Hostel Experience
No one wants to stay somewhere that looks bad in the photos - they want to see somewhere clean, fun, comfortable and safe. Use photography to tell the story of your hostel - the activities you offer, introduce your staff, showcase your facilities, show some fun party shots. You're selling an experience more than a bed.
Use Quality Photos Across All Merchandise
Once you have good quality photos you can use them not only on all your online profiles but also offline. High quality images are perfect for flyers, posters and any other merchandise you want to print. Once you have a good set of quality pictures you can keep reusing them, then just add party pictures and events to your professional portfolio.
The whole world is addicted to social media photo posting - so make the most of it. All the photos you use can be re-used by someone else. Make sure they're Pinterest friendly and you have set up some hashtags so people can tag you on Instagram. You can even take 'selfies' of your hostel team to share on social media!



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