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Hostel Health Tip
How to keep your posts the optimum length

- Twitter
restricts posts to 140 characters - the ideal post is between 71 and 100 (17% higher engagement in this range)

- Facebook allows more characters but the ideal is less - only 40 - this leads to an 86% increase in engagement

 - Google + after your header use around 60 - ideally your lead in sentence is inticing

- Blog posts and articles - keep your opening paragraphs between 40-55 characters and use a larger font.

- Keep hashtags to around 6 characters if you can

- Use short messages, such as visual images and tweeting promotions.

- Facebook visitors spend an average of 20 minutes online each day, and Instagram users spend twice as much time as those on Twitter.


Social Media

Are you making the most of social media marketing?
Research shows that 51% of people are likely to book somewhere their friends have enjoyed. And the place they talk about this? Social networks. Don’t underestimate how important your reputation online is –  follow our tips to keep your hostel profile healthy!

1. The Social Marketing Mix
Social Media is free - use it to your advantage. A variety of Social Media channels are available, but don't waste time with ones that don't work for you. Make sure you use platforms that connect with your market, brand, and your purpose. Some channels are good for creating a community - such as twitter, others are better for information on new products and establishing credibility - such as newsletters and blogs. A Facebook page and Twitter feed are great multimedia platforms for interacting with your potential customers visually and creating shares. If you’re aiming at the Chinese market then Sina Weibo is used by 30% of internet users there. Google apps offer great search and are useful for Maps. 

2. Synchronise
Don’t become overwhelmed - you can synchronise most accounts and focus on your quality of content - not just posting to keep up. Use Tweet decks and schedule posts so you can organise posting at certain times in advance. Creating a schedule is helpful if you have events to promote and showcase.

3. Interact
Social networks are about being social - and everyone can see them. Interact with your users, connect with potential customers, respond to requests and posts, if someone asks for advice on your page, don’t ignore it!

4. Keep it fresh
Keep your page exciting and engaging - audiences engage with images with captions and quotes, and useful articles related to your brand. Use social networks for promotions, news and events. Post pictures and videos that are relevant to your hostel or hostel ethos, ultimately you want people to share your posts. Don’t post every day as a rule, post when you have something to say! Check your insights as to what posts people are hiding or unfollowing on and try to avoid!

5. Use photos and videos
Your post is 39% more likely to engage users if it’s visual, so make the most of showcasing your product with photos and videos. Adding your name to your photos will promote you when shared too. Check out our blog for advice on Facebook shares, how to use Pinterest, Google+ and top tips for Instagram and Twitter.
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