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Our Philosophy

A healthy hostel is a happy hostel.

Why Use Hostel Doctor Marketing and Design Services?

With over 30 years combined experience in advertising and youth marketing, we're credible, dedicated, well-connected and passionate about travel. We know the travel market as consumers and we’ve been on the other side counting bookings too - but what we’re really good at is branding, design and photography. Having specialized in youth marketing and brand advertising over the years, we know how to make brands look good, feel good, how to promote them, and what potential customers are looking for in a hostel.


Who Uses Hostel Doctor Services?

If you're a new hostel looking to start out, we can create your hostel identity from logo and flyer design to search friendly content and articles about your city. If you are already established, we can help with enhancing or developing brands or creating fresh marketing campaigns. We don't just work with hostels either, because of our in depth experience in youth marketing and advertising, we work with tour groups and hotels too.

What We Can Do For Your Hostel

Our philosophy is to help hostels to market themselves by providing the best design and marketing strategies to grow their business in the future. We provide a service for backpacker businesses to create or develop a brand and promote it; whether it's brand identity or how to create good content for your webpages or articles for your blog. By getting your brand right and your online profiles engaging, you will attract more direct traffic and bookings to your website. While you’re busy running your hostel, we can deliver innovative hostel design and marketing for you.

Free Advice

We provide professional photography, merchandise, and branding across all channels. We even have free advice on our blog on the latest trends and challenges in the backpacker market, so if you don't need our services, you can still benefit from our Hostel Health Tips on everything from How to use Instagram to Brand Strategy when you're starting your business.

Short Term Projects or Long Term Relationship

We can work on short term projects to help give your hostel a helping hand, or long term projects to oversee and maintain your brand standards. With everything from event photography and fresh content for websites and blogs, to the latest news on twitter; we can develop a strategy for a healthy hostel and a competitive brand.


If this sounds like something you think your hostel needs

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